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JavaScript is a user-friendly and lightweight coding language that programmers usually use to create dynamic web pages and the interactions between web pages, apps, servers, games, and many more. Coders usually use JavaScript coupled with HTML and CSS for web development. JavaScript is considered to perform those tasks that CSS cannot do to increase user interaction.

Why choose JavaScript?

JavaScript is a scripting language often used with HTML and CSS in web development. JavaScript adds life to your website, and there can be only little achieved in web development without JavaScript. As JavaScript aids in a website’s animated and dynamic features to elevate the user-friendly and client-oriented features, it is high in demand in startups and various MNCs.

Features of JavaScript

The JavaScript libraries and frameworks are updated continuously to make them relevant to the industry.

JavaScript is a simple, diverse, and employable programming language that makes it easy to create dynamic and interactive features on web pages for the developers.

JavaScript is popular among web developers because of its adaptability and faster running on the servers of web pages.

JavaScript helps to reduce the server load by allowing data validation on the browser.

Approach to Teach JavaScript

Technologies we use:

Topics will be covered:

Uses of JavaScript

The common uses of JavaScript are as follows:

Learn JavaScript

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