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How Can We Teach Kids Programming in 2022?


Coding is one of the most renowned skills in the 21st century. Coding-related domains are everywhere. Coding has become an essential component of web development, app development, game development, and many more. The admiration for coding has been increasing over the last decade, and it will continue to grow in the future. Information Technology loses its sense if coding is out of the way.

What is Stem?

STEM is the merging of sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics methods. As the world is proceeding toward technological and scientific developments more and more, so is the need for tech workers. The World Economic Forum estimates that 65% of children in primary schools will work in jobs that don’t even exist in today’s world. Hence, STEM education should be put forward to secure today’s children’s future.

How is Coding Related to STEM?

As STEM is an all-rounder of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, coding is closely related. Coding is the foundation of STEM education systems. Coding helps students to lead toward the most advanced IT-based solutions in the real world.
Coding is more than just language learning; it provides the basic core of STEM. For instance, scientists use programming codes in robotics and experimentation; we can see mathematical concepts in coding, various hard and soft technologies, e.g. Arduino uses programming, etc. Hence, all STEM fields are interlinked and very closely related to coding.

The Best Ways to Teach Kids Coding in a STEM-based Class

Below are some tips that can help you to teach kids using STEM easily and efficiently.

1. Incorporate Activities to Boost Critical Thinking

STEM-based projects use coding as the primary resource to create and analyze the processing. Critical Thinking in students is crucial for learning coding and its basic and advanced concepts. The teachers can incorporate fun activities, e.g. attribute linking, jigsaw puzzles etc., to enhance their students’ critical thinking because critical thinking serves as a basis of coding and STEM.

2. Teaching the Basics of Coding integrated with STEM

The basics of coding serve as the bedrock of STEM classes. Teachers can make their students understand how robotics and other domains of the digital world rely on programming and STEM. Basic concepts of coding should be the priority of mentors in a STEM-based class.

3. Practice

Practice makes a man perfect!
It’s not just a proverb but a reality. In a STEM-based education system, practice is the key to perfection in the integrated system of its domains, i.e. science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The educators should give their students practice material as a fun activity to make their grasp firm, at least on the basic concepts of coding.

4. Providence of Training Material

One of the most effective sources of making the students’ grip on coding concepts is to give them training materials in the form of labs, projects etc. in this way, they will become enthusiastic and will be able to critically resolve the problem that has been given to them as a project or assignment.

Wrap Up

In short, coding is the core of the STEM education system, and it should be integrated with other STEM concepts in the classroom. At QualityStem, we provide coding courses so kids can learn basic and advanced programming concepts. To learn more, visit www.qualitystem.org.

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